We solve every technical challenge you may have with a tailor-made software solution.

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Areas of expertise

Custom development - Our excellence!

When it comes to "tailor-made", there is no ideal template or "miracle" tool, our choices of communication and/or tools are made only after an in-depth analysis of our Client . If a tool does not exist, we will create it! The tools offered, the visual and the user experience are unique and built around the Client.

We are familiar with the most popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal). But, when it comes to making "real" custom, we prefer to work with frameworks like Laravel or Slim.
As an intermediate solution, we have our own CMS, "Squarelabel" (which this year will celebrate its 19 years 🎉).
Based on the Laravel Framework, it allows us to quickly develop fast and secure custom sites . It was rated 10/10 on the Detectify platform (security specialists).

For small/medium size applications, we use a technology that allows to have "a single source of truth": The "Headless CMS". The source code that generates web pages is the same for all projects. This allows our customers to always have up-to-date sites and not be scattered over multiple servers and application versions.

Our sites are built with the latest security technologies. We test them with specialized software and we implement barriers for the most known security vulnerabilities (see OSWAP Top 10).


Creation of intuitive and pleasant visual interfaces keeping in mind the user experience. Whether for administrators or clients, everything is done to provide an awesome experience.
We design interactive prototypes to demonstrate the behavior of the application once deployed. Our tools of choice: Figma and Adobe XD.

Responsive Web Design

What’s that ?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach in which a designer creates a web page where the content adapts according to the type of device on which it is displayed. It could be a desktop monitor, a laptop screen, a tablet or even a smartphone.
The ultimate goal is to use the same content for all platforms, thereby saving resources and development time.

With the massive emergence of mobile devices in recent years, RWD is now a must! It is a technique that is simple to set up, but much more sophisticated than you think if you want to have a truly impeccable result. Often, this step is put aside by developers (because they already have a lot to do with only one type of screen) and done in a hurry at the last moment.

We cherish the user experience, we take this step very seriously, our sites must be displayed flawlessly on all platforms!

Our offer

This service is offered by default for all sites developed by Spectabile.
It can also be ordered as an independent service. If your site displays poorly on mobile devices, we can intervene only on this aspect, regardless of the technology used in your site.
Contact us for a free and non-binding offer.

Digital Marketing and SEO

This service offers companies of all sizes the opportunity for their brand to prevail 24/7 at a lower cost. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and natural referencing, he takes a business out of the niche market and makes it available regardless of time differences or location.
Spectabile optimizes the referencing of your website on search engine results pages, in order to maximize your online presence.

Expertise & consulting

Our cumulative experience of 20+ years in website development and 40+ years in design, allows us to quickly understand the needs of our customers, to always offer the right strategy and the right tool.
This service provides you with analyzes by specialty:

UI / UX Audit

Is your communication adapted to your audiences?
Are design issues hampering lead generation and user experience?
Does your website display well on mobile devices?
We’ll tell you which design problem you need to solve first.

SEO Audit (SEO / SEM)

We will look for obvious and less obvious website issues that could impact your SEO during our website assessment. SEO tool reports only tell you half the story.

Performance Audit

Google "Core Web Vitals" data and "Page Speed" scores are important. But the performance bottlenecks don’t stop at these numbers, and we’ll find them.

Content Management System (CMS) Audit

Do you have to call the IT guy every time you want to change a comma on your site?
Does the CMS you use seem too complicated for your needs?
Do we have to wait a long time before seeing the contents of your pages?
We will tell you what we can do to solve these problems.

Digital Training

We have 15+ years of professional training experience. We count among our clients: ERACOM, SAWI, HEP, Center Patronal, State of Vaud, École Club Migros.
We train professionals in programming / web design, in school or in business.


Web sites

Creation and development of websites (frontend and backend), visual design (UI), user experience (UX). Tailor-made sites, sites with personalized templates, redesign/transformation and optimization of existing sites after analysis and expertise.
We can offer you an interactive prototype of the project, before starting the actual programming.

Shop / E-commerce

Fully bespoke or using existing tools (Shopify, WooCommerce).
Solutions for the general public or B2B for professionals/resellers.
Choice of payment methods, with automatic edition of invoices, secure online payment.

Mobile apps

For our mobile applications we use React Native, a cross-platform tool (iOS, Android). It allows you to create truly native applications and does not compromise the experience of your users.
One of the most attractive advantages of React Native is its short development time. Developers save around 40% of development time compared to building the same app for Android and iOS.


Practical applications for individuals and/or companies such as:
Management of appointments and calendars (making appointments for medical offices and/or agencies)
Expense management, inventory management
Online interactive resumes
Assessment management in schools and training centers

Support & tutorials

For each of our clients, after the delivery and launch of a website or application, we continue to support them. We provide long-term support to each of our customers. We develop and provide tailor-made tutorials for comfort and ease of use when getting started with our applications and our sites.

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