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Ruffieux-Chehab Architectes

Architecture / Fribourg, CH

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The architecture of the Ruffieux-Chehab Architectes SA weaves links with its surroundings, attentive to capturing the essence of the place, recognizing, exploring, choosing and sometimes discovering the unsuspected paths that are revealed. The power of ordinary things is revealed in both sensory and visual perception of space, initiated by the journey.

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Architecture office in Fribourg/CH founded in 1987 and directed by Jean-Marc Ruffieux, architect HES FAS SWB and by Colette Ruffieux-Chehab, architect EPFL FAS SIA. Since January 2018, Yann Christen, architect EPFL SIA has been an associate partner.


  • Website development
  • UI / UX Mobile
  • Responsive design
  • API MailerLite, Newsletter
  • SEO

Tech stack

  • CMS (Squarelabel)
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • HTML / CSS
  • API MailerLite

Bespoke fonctionality

  • Project management
  • News management
  • Download management
  • Slideshow management
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